See you in Boston in 2019
Championing Momentum for the Clean Economy

Horizon18 is a global event-driven platform that harnesses the international movement towards a clean economy.

The platform is the logical next step following the Paris Agreement, 2030 Sustainability Goals, We Are Still In, and America’s Pledge. The momentum to act on clean energy and solutions is rapidly accelerating, and Horizon18 will be the next landmark platform to uniquely offer deployable solutions to accelerate the clean economy and act on climate commitments.

Boston and the World at Horizon18

The time to act on clean economy solutions has never been more opportune, and there is no better place to meet than in Boston where the Northeast U.S. is already one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing clean energy clusters, with ideal access to Canadian and global markets. Horizon18’s platform creates the potential for solutions against the backdrop of Boston, a C40 city. Since adopting the Executive Order on Climate Action in 2007, Boston has been a national pioneer of clean innovation and remains committed to the Paris Agreement.

Tapping Into the Future's Potential

With clean energy estimated to constitute 86% of the global power generation market by 2040, an increasing number of stakeholders are seeking to showcase and share cutting-edge innovations and business models and to connect with partners for clean economy projects.

Horizon18 offers a community of customers, solution providers, and investors the opportunity to connect and create transformational partnerships and investments for a cleaner future.

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Founding partners

World Climate Ltd develops and facilitates large-scale collaborations and transactions between businesses, governments, investors, and philanthropists for local, national, and global solutions in the areas of climate change, resource efficiency, and sustainability. World Climate Ltd provides a bridge between the private and public sectors to transform vision into reality for businesses, institutions, governments, and philanthropists.

The Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) is the premier voice of businesses building a world-class clean energy hub in the US Northeast since 2006. NECEC helps clean energy companies start, scale, and succeed with our unique business, innovation, and policy leadership. NECEC convenes, connects, and accelerates clean economy progress in the Northeast ecosystem and to networks across clean economy hubs.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is a publicly-funded agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies, and projects in the Commonwealth since 2009 – while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts. MassCEC works to increase the adoption of clean energy while driving down costs and delivering financial, environmental, and economic development benefits to energy users and utility customers across the state.
Visit MassCEC’s website, or follow their Twitter to learn more.